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Bolt Wet Saw 150cm

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1500mm Maximum Cutting Length

Tilting Movement For 0/47° Angle Cut

1.5HP Motor

Supplied With 250mm Blades

1 Year Warranty

Voltage: 110v





Made in Italy.
Motor: 1,5 HP / 1.1 kW.
Disc Ø 250mm (10”).
Depth of cut: 55mm (2 1/8”) in single pass; 65mm (2 1/2”) in double pass.
Lengths of cut: 150cm (59”).
Max tile size for diagonal cutting: 105 × 105cm (41 3/8″x41 3/8”).
Sliding bar, pivots and disc cover in aluminium.
Easy-to-remove aluminium work benches for easy cleaning and maximum sturdiness.
Re-adjustable aluminum square.
Coated metal frame.
Plunge cut.
The motor moves on 4 polypropylene pulleys.
Each pulley is reinforced with 2 inside bearings.
Pulleys are easy to re-adjust (tighten): avoid play and confer long-lasting precision of cut.
The motor is held by a galvanized metal frame.
Tilting legs.
Tilting movement for 0/47° angle cut (jolly).
Superior blade water-cooling (double jets).
Supplied with Ø 250mm (10”) diamond disc for porcelain tiles, user manual, keys kit, and dressing stone.
Available accessories: extra side square; 4 wheels + 2 handles kit; self-standing side table with rollers, wheel feed kit.