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Bravo 6kg(48oz)

Bravo 6kg(48oz)

NZ$65.71sqm +GST
SALE: NZ$53.26sqm +GST


Bravo is part of NEW ZEALANDS ONLY STAIN & FADE PROOF PREMIUM Solution Dyed Nylon Collection.

Belgotex warrants for 20 Years you cannot stain their stainproof collection with only 1 exclusion(cat vomit). They also warrant for 20 years their carpet wont fade making it perfect for family homes throughout Northland.

Tango, Delta and Bravo have 240 Twists Per Metre of carpet which is around 15 Hours longer in Hart Twists during the manufacturing process for unmatched durability.

Bravo is also 4m in width which elimates 10% of joins compared to 3.66m wide carpets.


Stain Proof
Fade Proof
240 Twists per metre of carpet
Environmentally Responsible
Suitable for Stairs
4m Wide
15 Year Living Warranty
Global Green Tag Certified
Well Building Institute
Master Spec
+ More
  • Construction – Tufted Cut Pile
  • Yarn 100% Stainproof Solution Dyed Nylon (SDX)
  • Width – 4.0m
  • Weight – 6kg(48oz)
  • Total Thickness – 13.5mm
  • Backing – FusionBac
  • Fire Rating – ISO 9239-1
  • Environmental – Greentag Certified, GreenStar, Homestar™, WELL Building Standard®, Product Health Declaration™, Low VOC Solution dying uses no water, Eco-Wash™ Treatment, ISO 14001
  • Usage Rating – Extra Heavy Duty Residential Medium Duty Commercial
  • Warranty – 15 Year Living Warranty
  • Masterspec Work Section – 6511IF Belgotex Flooring Carpet


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  • Certification is compliant to ISO 14040 & ISO 14044 for LCA
  • ISO 14067 for Greenhouse Gas calculation
  • ISO 14025 for Environmental Product Declarations and
  • ISO 21930 and EN 15804 for for specific need EPDs
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and US Trade Marks & Patents Office Approved Certification Mark.

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Bravo carpet is an excellent choice for comfort, performance and style. Made from Stainproof Solution Dyed Nylon with a premium FusionBac backing, its stain proof and fade proof with colours chosen to compliment current interior designs and colour schemes. The colours cross over with Delta and Tango which enables you to use the same colour in different weights for different rooms.

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